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SANDBOXING is a pavilion/game designed by Quilian Riano (DSGN AGNC) for the New Cities Future Ruins** convening in Dallas, TX in which players are asked to playfully negotiate two key resources for the future of the southwestern city: land (sand) and water. This all happens in a pavilion, installed in Old East Dallas’ Jubilee Park, made up of a sandbox designed to change as players negotiate space and a structural dew-catcher canopy — a passive system used in arid climates to extract water particles from the atmosphere. Without any outcome prescribed, players are left to make the choices of sharing collectively or further restricting access to ever diminishing resources.

Let’s negotiate sand and water!

On Architect's Newspaper: 
This architect turns Sun Belt battles over land and water into a provocative game

**New Cities Future Ruins is a four-year curatorial initiative inviting artists, designers, and thinkers to re-imagine and engage the extreme urbanism of America’s Western Sun Belt. Fast-growing symbols of opportunity and entrepreneurialism, the region’s cities are sprawling agglomerations in delicate ecosystems, marked by resource overuse, dramatic demographic change, and political struggle that particularize and illuminate global crises of rapid urbanization. Suburban in texture, they are 21st-century spaces that resist creative and political strategies inherited from the industrial city. Bringing critical and innovative practices from around the world to bear on this urban landscape, New Cities, Future Ruins is designed to foster visionary thought and artistic experimentation at these urgent sites.

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Status: Built
Location: Dallas, TX, US
Firm Role: designer
Additional Credits: Quilian Riano, Designer.
New Cities Future Ruins (Gavin Kroeber, Curator), Ash Studio (Fabrication)