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Corona Plaza

Corona’s Plaza is a comprehensive research and design project at Corona Plaza, Queens. The project team will work using critical participatory processes and engagement with the local community to study and propose a series of policy, community and physical designs. The process of involving diverse community members — including immigrant communities that are frequently uninvolved in the planning and development process — seeks to have community members determine the long-term development of the site, and to exert ownership over public space to ensure its long-term functionality and importance within Corona.

The Corona’s Plaza project will include these actions:

  • Diagramming and Mapping
    Diagramming and Mapping of policy and design issues that prevent Corona Plaza from being used to its fullest potential by local community groups. This will be done along side local residents and groups working in issues facing the community in Corona.
  • A Shared Plaza - Game and Forming of Corona’s Plaza Cooperative
    Comprised of community groups and individuals working in Corona. This Public-Space Cooperative will look at the issues and boundaries identified in the Diagramming and begin to advocate for changes as well as help formulate design and policy proposals.
  • Corona’s Plaza Community Action Plan
    A booklet documenting the diagrams and maps of issues facing Corona Plaza’s community and the design and policy proposals that designers and the Corona Plaza Cooperative will work on.
  • Community Action Plan.

-Comprehensive Community Research and Engagement around Public Space Conflicts
-Proposal of Policy and Public Space Designs
-Corona, Queens, NYC, US
-Quilian Riano, Project Leader
-Nicholas Ter Meer, Project Manager
-Scarlett Esion, Rena Mande, Emily Mintz and Jessica Sanclemente.
- Queens Museum of Art (commission)
- Change Administration**
- Julissa Ferreras, District 21 – Council Member
- Queens Economic Development Corporation
- Queens College
- Social Practice Queens
- Immigrant Movement International
- NY Designs
-In Progress

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Corona, Queens, NYC