David Pedroza

David Pedroza

Monterrey, MX


Narigüa House.

Surrounded by nature and spectacular mountains, the project responds to the needs of a couple to have a huge 1 story floorplan with as much connection with the exterior views as possible. 

The fact that the plot was filled with trees forced the house to be lift from the ground, using a smaller volume for visitors, in order to obtain the desired views. 

The strategy was only possible if huge cantilevered concrete volumes were used.  

The flying concrete and glass boxes give the project its identity, and blend with the environment thanks to the earthy tones used its finish. 

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Monterrey, MX
My Role: Head Architect and Construction director
Additional Credits: Construction: Paralelo Global Standards in Construction
Structure: Emilio Gonzales engineer
Management: Punto 3 Project Supervision.