DKGR Architects

DKGR Architects

Indianapolis, IN


333 North Pennsylvania - The American Building

Formerly known as the Architect and Builder's Building, this 10-Story Tower began as a 3-Story low-rise called The University Park Building.  In 1929, architects Rubush & Hunter were commissioned to add 7 stories and a new limestone facade to the modest structure.  Making their home in the 10th Floor of the building, Rubush & Hunter established the office use that lasted through to the 21st Century.

In 2012, the building was purchased by a partnership formed between commercial and residential developers envisioning a change in use.  DKGR was commissioned to facilitate the adaptation.  Extensive fieldwork showed little of Rubush & Hunter's original artistry had survived save for a well-preserved lobby and sixth floor corridor.  Using the original architectural drawings, DKGR re-established long dormant circulation patterns, allowing for the re-use of the original terrazzo flooring hidden under years of flooring renovations.

The resultant of this concerted effort: 72 one and two bedroom luxury dwelling units in an historic downtown high-rise. 

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Status: Under Construction
Location: 333 N. Pennsylvania Street, Indianapolis IN 46204
Firm Role: Design Architect, Architect of Record