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Los Angeles, CA


Backyard Bowls

For their transition into a more urban market, Backyard Bowls craved a new aesthetic start for their brand identity and store design. The company represents a lifestyle filled with activity and adventure fueled by pure ingredients. Originally inspired by a favorite surf spot in Hawaii, we springboard off the concept of backyard into the topography of Los Angeles. Inspirations for material & color exploration are drawn directly from nature and ingredients- adaptations of local hiking maps punctuate the space as visual cues and reminders to get out and explore our extended backyard. Tapping into classic modern beach house/surf shack iconography typical of the 1960’s on both east & west coasts, a practical sound problem was tackled by the creation of the “blending chamber”. Bold blocks of color draw visitors into and through the volume, into the indeterminate architectural space between crisp, clean lines and vintage utilitarian camp.. Check out their website here!

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Status: Built
Location: 8303 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048