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de Reus Architects

Waimea, HI | Ketchum, ID


Kaupulehu Residence

The design intent was to achieve equilibrium with nature — an
aesthetic balance where home, as a tropical sanctuary, fits into this
severely beautiful setting with a quiet strength. This vision allowed
design and landscape to evolve together, emerging as a powerful unified

A Japanese-like sense of restraint is prevalent throughout the design. Pavilion-like hipped roofs convey a sense of island architecture, and the sinuous curves of the three lanai eaves of the main house intimately connect the architecture to the ocean. Providing shade for outdoor living areas on the south side of the home, the deep lanais also help to cool interior spaces.

The clients’ desire for curves was accommodated in part by stone walls in curved segments, which were used to define and shape external and internal spaces. There is a play of contrasts between the craftsmanship of these stone walls. The coarse texture of the lava stone site walls transforms as one enters the home, and the interior walls transition to refined and soft sandstone. Sensuous blending with natural woods lends the home a materiality that is both ancient and modern.

Materials for the home were selected for their sensuality as well as for their durability and longevity: chamfered recycled teak roof shingles; exterior plaster walls in warm earth tones balance the stark grey-black of the surround lava fields; warm coloured sandstone; and floors with limestone tiles and hardwood. The ceilings and beams are made of cedar wood and are complemented by interior walls, doors and windows of teak.

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Status: Built
Location: Kaupulehu, HI, US
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: The Wiseman Group - Interior Design
Ryan Associates - General Contractor
Vita - Planning and Landscape Architecture