Derar A. Ibrahim

Derar A. Ibrahim

Chicago, IL, US


Resilient School for Migrant Population

The original role undertaken by architects is to provide shelter and housing. What about architecture at the time of death and destruction? While the war itself brings horrors and real world calamities upon individuals like illiteracy, child labor, early marriage and gender violence, the aftermath continues to destroy individual potential by not providing in place schooling opportunities for those displaced.

Building resilient educational opportunities can bridge the humanitarian and development divide that travel with displaced children. By filling the missing gap of education, children are supported to reach their own potential and enthusiastically contribute to the growth of their society.

Focusing on the largest displacement camp at the border of Turkey and Syria, Educating for Displaced Populations works to ameliorate the miserable conditions of children and adults who skipped school and job transitioning and lost their rights of learning.

My Thesis is a warning message of the danger of dropping out of education, especially for teenagers.  It is essential to move providing the educational environment suitable for the students at any time anywhere, to protect themselves from being dragged behind life temptations and to counter the risks of child labor, early pregnancy, gangs and outlaws.
Providing security and safety for children within an educational family that promotes morale and improves the psychological state of fleeing war children is the goal in addition to basic education, students need health and psychiatric care.

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Status: Competition Entry
My Role: This is my thesis project as Graduate -Master of Architecture with an Emphasis in Interior Architecture, at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago-Spring 2017
Additional Credits: I received the second prize in the Chicago Award in Architecture student competition.