Dean/Wolf Architects

Dean/Wolf Architects

New York, NY


Virtual Light Loft

Virtual Light Loft sits high above a park that camouflages the Holland Tunnel Infrastructure.

The canopies reinforce the sequence of awakening as one moves outward from private spaces to the public space of the loft. Mimicking the gradual opening of the day, the ceiling panels grow increasingly independent in space as they move outward from the children’s bedrooms at the rear. The last floats freely, hovering above the entry from the loft to the elevator, in preparation for the public realm. Filigreed perforations of the canopies are traces of nature—drawn from the passage of light through the forest—to complete the camouflage/exposure dialogue with the park outside the window. Haunting, luminous presences mark private thresholds—infrastructural entrails have been transformed into a soothing, animate presence in the darkness of night.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US