Dean/Wolf Architects

Dean/Wolf Architects

New York, NY


Inverted Warehouse / Townhouse

The Inverted Warehouse/Townhouse is an addition and renovation of a Tribeca loft building.  The existing structure, a traditional New York warehouse covers the entire lot, consuming the exterior space traditional in domestic construction.  Inverting the conventional townhouse organization recovers this coveted ground.  Dissipating energy into the dark center of this converted warehouse, three double story voids animate the missing “garden” of the townhouse providing light, air, and visual contemplation.  Admitting light and townhouse “garden” uses, these new spaces provide the structure for domestic life.  Exterior court, reading court, and playroom are suspended into the void.  Conceived as new construction built upside down into an existing building, they dissipate a radiant energy into the host.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US