Dante Cosentino

Dante Cosentino

Ridgewood, NJ, US


Le Meridien Hotel

This new two-tower development is designed to serve as a visual marker of the Banqiao district.

Forworld's new development in Taipei includes a mix of uses in two signature towers. The project is located in Banqiao, a district of New Taipei City. The towers are adjacent to a planned MRT subway station and they mark the entrance into the Banqiao district.

The towers each have their own identity, but echo each other through materiality and palette. Both are sited within a series of connected greenspaces that make up the greater site; two glass and stone towers set within a zen garden.

The 31-story commercial and hotel tower presents a polished aesthetic of curtainwall with accents of sculpted stone. The tower's banding reads vertically, disrupted by an over-sized lightbox that marks the change from hotel to office use. The residential tower is also curtainwall, but uses a stone pattern in a horizontal expression, broken down to relate to the low to mid-rise context. For both towers, the warm stone and earthen tones were selected to relate to the surrounding green space and convey a sense of warmth and hospitality.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: New Taipei City, Taiwan
My Role: Assited in Designing /modifying exterior models, drafting mark-ups on plans, providing renders, organizing Design Documentation Packages for Client, Taipei City Planning Office, and partnering firm.
Additional Credits: Interior Design - Blink Design Group