Davide Coluzzi DAZ architect

Davide Coluzzi DAZ architect

Roma, IT



The proposed project tries to to respond to the problems found in Galen’s Square in Rome, problems of accessibility, functionality and livability are resolved through a concrete structure minimally invasive which manages to give life a part of the city, congested due to of urban infrastructure and city traffic. The concrete poetry lobby shape derives from the tradition of Rome, it is interpreted in the contemporary. The repetition of the arches and the way to build slim domes with the aim of filtering natural light from above, these traditional elements are combined with the contemporary construction technology.

Analysis of the urban context.
The Galen Square is on a busy street in Rome, Via Regina Margherita. Car traffic and public transport make losing the value of “square” in this place. The tram rails bisect the square and the cars go around the nucleus of the square which is inaccessible to pedestrians and hence disconnected to the city.


The project
The proposed project tries to give the city of Rome a new center of cultural exchange and at the same time become a functional center to the complex network of public transport in the city.
The surface layer is a square / garden that lifts in two points as a sectional dome to connect the lower part to the core of the square and also to allow natural light to enter deeply below the street level. The building is fully glazed towards the center of the square and is completely closed along the perimeter to shield from acoustic and air pollution of exhaust marmitte of the cars that run around the square. The -1 level is the part that contains most of the functions of the building.
Access to the center of the square is through underpasses positioned along the perimeter of the square allowing the complete permeability to the flow of pedestrians to cross the square or to access to tram or subway (in the next future ), but above all to live the new structure has within a Multifunctional hall to host temporary presentations / events / exhibition, a conference room, a bar and the vertical distribution (ascalator and elevators). Structure is made entirely of reinforced concrete that allows you to build in depth without problems. The concrete poetry hall is an underground building, the coverage is simultaneously a garden to have a slightly invasive building and exploiting the level of the road by pedestrians, the central part of the square is occupied by the tram rails, the way of the tram divides the building into two parts connected to each other in the underground. The two buildings are designed in a specular way, the coverage is composed of cement strips, the shape of arcs of variable size generates the steps usable by garden, the concrete strips are primarily used to create the slots on the cover which makes possible the passage of the natural light from above.


The material
The concrete is the appropriate material for the construction of Hall together with steel and glass. The concrete is a very ductile material, in this case study is appropriate because most of the project is developed under the level of the road, with the cement is possible to build retaining walls without interfering with the flow of vehicles on the surface during the construction works.
The covering is made of concrete arches, these elements are constructed using the molds of different dimensions generated by a three-dimensional printer to obtain a digital control of the entire construction of the two half-domes. The soil is shaped by the concrete structure that is lifted from the ground in two places to open the building towards the center of the square.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Roma, IT
Firm Role: architect