Davide Coluzzi DAZ architect

Davide Coluzzi DAZ architect

Roma, IT



The “house ES” project was born from the idea of making an old apartment in a contemporary style. The spaces are modulated in a functional way and using each meter of the apartment to respect customer requirements. The core of the apartment is a large wardrobe custom designed, this element cut the environment in two portions to separate the living area and the sleeping area. From this element will generate the different parts of the house.The entrance is in the “snake” starting point, the door that divides the living room from the sleeping area is invisible if closed to divide the two areas. The living area is characterized by the contrast between natural elements and composite elements. The fifth most important is the wall that separates the kitchen, this consists of silver wave black marble slabs, it is the natural appearance thanks to the abstraction of the veins of marble in contrast to the frosted glass sliding doors and painting polished, if necessary, the kitchen becomes an integral part of living or totally separated from it thanks to another access from the hallway.The wall system for TV in the living room has been designed to measure and is made of lacquered wood with black and white color to give depth to the room and invokes the shape of the ceiling in the kitchen in order to symbolize the sculpted edges that enhance the marble at their center. The elements on the walls continue to ceiling hosting a dimmable LED lighting system in order to have different lighting scenarios as needed. The corridor is completely invaded by closed compartments and custom cabinets with recessed handles that give a rhythm to the environment, this element extends until to the bedroom and it embraces all environments as a “snake”, Inside there is areas of storage and even a comfortable cottage for the dog, which is also designed tailored in accordance with the scanning of carved elements in the total white of the rest of the apartment.The bedroom is characterized by inclined angles to increase the cabinet volume, and also by direct connection to the bathroom in yellow and brown marble that has a opaque window on the bedroom area to receive as much as possible light. The bathrooms are embellished with finishes in marble, the marble shine makes it elegant and gives us the perception of larger spaces. The lighting system is totally realized with LEDs and it is designed to have scenographic light scenarios, enhancing the materials used thanks to wall-washers used on smooth walls to create a luminous surface, and other grazing lighting systems in order to have the most of the hidden light sources.

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Status: Built
Location: Roma, IT
Firm Role: architect