David Chessrown

David Chessrown

Brooklyn, NY, US


Mobile Permakitchen

In the summer of 2012, the Earth learning institute approached the University of Miami to design and build an experimental Mobile Permakitchen.  The unit would provide a transportable work-space for harvesting, drying and canning various organic fruits and vegetables. secondly the trailer would serve as a traveling classroom to conduct cooking classes and showcase a healthy, sustainable lifestyle to the community.

Wherever possible green technologies were used to allow the trailer to maintain all the kitchen functions “off the grid”.  Power is harvested from a six panel solar array and stored in an eight battery bank and used by led lights and low electricity appliances. Grey water is collected from the sink and stored in the undercarriage to be used for watering on the farm.

The design+build studio perceived of the kitchen as a fully enclosed and mechanistic kitchen, providing ample counter space with necessary appliances inserted, required hand and dish washing sinks, a chilled room and mechanical closet for battery storage.  When classes are in session or when selling goods at community fairs the kitchen’s 6’ x 12’ folding wall dramatically opens to reveal the comfortable polished wood surfaces, contrasting with the industrial brushed steel siding of the exterior.

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Status: Built
Location: Homestead, FL, US
My Role: Design Teammember, Construction Teammember, Folding Door Detail
Additional Credits: Group Collaboration