David Chessrown

David Chessrown

Brooklyn, NY, US


Kausay Wasi Clinic Addition and Remodel

Kausay Wasi translates from Quechuan to mean “Healing House” and the Kausay Wasi Clinic in the small village of Coya, Peru has been serving the local population with free health services for ten years in the comfortable atmosphere of their current facility  Run entirely on donated materials, equipment and the aid of volunteer surgical teams from the US and Canada, Kausay Wasi has been steadily growing and attracting more and more patients throughout the Cuzco region. Desperately in need of expanded spaces and services to meet the needs of the region, Sandy and Guido Del Prado reached out to Professor Jan Hochstim to offer strategies for the growth of their clinic and a restructuring of their current program.

While the current clinical services and administrative spaces remain in the existing facility, upward and outward growth enables the addition of an expanded surgical unit and trauma department. My proposal structures the three major departments of Clinical, Surgical and Emergency Care along a central circulation space, wrapping around an open garden waiting area, connecting the Clinic’s interior to the outdoors and the city to the clinic. An Array of gable roofs echo the village vernacular architecture but metal siding in brushed silver and brilliant red present a modern and progressive landmark to a village where the clinic is rapidly becoming the central public space of the region.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Coya, Peru