Daniel Moran

Daniel Moran

Brooklyn, NY, US


Dogpatch Labs - Phase 3


Value - €1,700,000

Duration- 16 weeks

Location- The chq building, Dublin 1

Collaborators:- Carew Kelly Architects, Pivotal Labs

Phase 3 took Dogpatch Labs into the historic roof structure of the chq building. Adding a further 16,000 sq. ft. the space consists of a private internal office for a single tenant and a “gardens” space to serve existing community members of Dogpatch Labs.

The brief called for an overall master-planning of the gardens space and also the design of various multifunctional furniture pieces to bring order and organisation to an otherwise vast and unwieldy space. The functions of the mezzanine developed organically from group discussion and it was established the more adaptive the space the more the utility of it could be maximised. 

Strongly defined functions help bookend the area while the looser defined activity of breakout and hot-desking have more freedom to occur in the space between. Highly multifunctional furniture gives the breakout space a further focal point to the space which can be broken apart and rearranged to form more intimate meeting space. The space was always seen as being a garden space and planting was to be one of the main components of a light and airy material pallette.

The theme of garden space is reinforced with casual lounge furniture, breaking down the formality of the workplace and encouraging the spontaneity and collaborative nature of a co-working space.

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Status: Built
Location: Dublin, IE
My Role: Project Manager, Design Consultant, Designer