Daniel Moran

Daniel Moran

Brooklyn, NY, US

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Daniel is a published designer with a Master’s Degree in Architecture from UCD, Ireland.

Following his studies at the Bauhaus University in Germany, and University College Dublin, Daniel worked as a freelance designer in Dublin before working in the residential and commercial sector in New York City.

His work has been featured in national design journals as well as independent publications alike. He has valuable experience in carrying out large scale projects from pre-planning to handover with multinational clients and in conservation settings as a designer and project manager.

He considers his work as being representative of that of an experimental framework combined with a practical and contextual led approach to design. His portfolio to date combines work at a variety of scales from the personal to the public. Specifically his experience in office space design and private residential dwellings displays his comfort and aptitude with fine detailing as well as the issues of larger setting and consequential intervention. 

Currently seeking opportunities in New York Daniel still holds a strong base in these values and a respect for hands-on and practice led design.

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Daniel J Moran

M.Arch B.Sc(Arch) 



Durukan Design Inc., New York, NY, US, Project Manager, Architect

Durukan Design, an interior and architecture design firm specialising in residential, hospitality and corporate interiors. Through the development of more than 100 projects in Manhattan and Brooklyn, it has established the welcomed reputation for the creation of elegance and warmth, created by the merging of timeless, modern minimalist design concepts with a focus on functionality.

Working with Durukan Design I was placed in a position of great trust and responsibility. The directors there had recognised my ability in management and overseeing of diverse design teams on active construction projects. I have been exposed to projects on a very large scale, current such projects include a 500 unit residential building at 10 Montieth Street, a 90,000 sq ft mixed artist’s residence and retail space and a 64,000 sq ft coworking space in a former factory building in Brooklyn. The working relationship here is mutually complementary and I am very glad to have been given the exposure to work amongst such esteemed developers in New York City and providing high quality results in such a competitive market.

Designing as part of a larger team I must make sure that the works of others meets compliance of various building and ADA standards. This design work can range from the selection and specification of various products and finishes to the spatial management and arrangement of layouts to the external presentations of facades. It is my responsibility to issue and check for compliance construction drawings which will go on to be used in both the costing and construction of these projects.

I provided interface between our Office and Clients and other elements of construction teams on active projects. As a representative I must give presentable progress reports and schedule meetings to make sure relevant parties remain informed of their various responsibilities to the project.

My work here I feel remains grounded in industry practicalities on how to manage projects and deal with clients while also allowing me to explore and expand my own theories and practices of design. I feel that it has exposed me to another scale and pace of work which I wouldn’t otherwise receive in Dublin.

Sep 2016 - Sep 2017

Dogpatch Labs, Dublin, IE, Inhouse Designer, Design Consultant

Dogpatch Labs is an emerging co-working space serving primarily the technology start-up sector in Dublin, Ireland. Located in the chq building, a 200 year old former bonded warehouse in Dublin's docklands, the space is home to over 30 international companies and up to 250 workers.

As a collaborative we were contracted as design consultants and in-house designers with this exciting and fast paced company over three very rapid phases of construction.

Responsibilities included the design and management of large scale furniture pieces, the spatial management of an ever changing workspace, the project management of several fast paced construction periods and the masterplanning and overseeing of various fit-out contracts.

This unique position I feel allowed me to build my skills of design, understanding of an industry and assertiveness as a person in a role of responsibility. It was a position in which I scaled my own talents to meet the pace and tempo of a fast growing and exciting company.

Due to the fast paced nature of each phase the swift and clear dissemination of information across a broad design team was imperative to the success of each project. Economy and efficiency with space was emphasised in a bootstrapped business model where space = revenue.

Aug 2015 - Aug 2016

ModelWorks Media, Dublin, IE, Senior Modelmaker

Modelworks specialised in the design, assembly and distribution of high grade architectural models for both market and planning stages. A large base of international clients meant models were made for export to not only Dublin but London, Dubai, and Malaysia.

As a modelmaker my responsibilities included not only the the physical act of assembling models but also the planning and design which would go in to each. Each piece would require the coordination of a large team of 5 to 20 people to carry the project from inception and design to execution, and responsibilities were expanded to the heading up of my own project.

Tools employed ranged from not only traditional carpentry, and cabinetmaking tools (tablesaws, drills, chiselwork, spraybooths etc) to newer techniques (lasercutting, 3d printing, c&c machines).

This time with modelworks allowed me to develop planning and management skills while allowing me pursue a passion and interest in building in a physical and tactile mode. It exposed me to a world of high pressure timescales with real world consequences which I found a sense of energy and urgency from.

Jun 2015 - Aug 2015


University College Dublin (UCD), Dublin, IE, MArch, Architecture

Thesis: Urban Hedge School:-

Sep 2013 - Sep 2015

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Weimar, DE, MArch, Erasmus Semester

Erasmus/Exchange semester in the Bauahaus, Weimar

Partook, by invitation in the International Advanced Architectural Design studio.
Semester project involved the design of an urban skyscraper building of mixed public and private function on the famous Spreedreieck site(Mies's glass skyscraper).

International studio meant working on a project with a mix of 3 separate nationalities on the design team (Irish German Chilean)

Jan 2014 - Aug 2014

University College Dublin (UCD), Dublin, IE, Bachelors, Architecture

Bachelors Studies

Sep 2009 - Sep 2012


Publication:- Architecture Ireland (Journal of the RIAI), Other

Works in Dogpatch Labs Published in the journal of the Royal Institute of Architects, Ireland


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