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Perlita Mews demonstrates that sustainable urban density is achievable while maintaining and improving the desirable character of residential neighborhoods and in a manner suitable for families and extended families with children. A community of 23 small-lot single-family homes, accessed along an internal alley, this compact arrangement of houses is made possible by the City of Los Angeles’ new Small Lot Ordinance, which allows walls of houses to be built to the side lot property line, among other provisions. Our urban infill “mews house” design is a hybrid of a traditional urban row house, a Mexican courtyard house, and a London mews — carriage houses organized along an alley.

The front houses are entered directly from the street. Most of these houses also have an entrance to the second floor from the alley. The rear houses are accessed directly from the alley. This arrangement allows the street-facing houses to have a third bedroom with a separate entry that can be used as a granny flat, home office, or studio apartment. Also, two adjacent houses can be combined, with minor alterations, into a single large 6-bedroom courtyard house. We believe this flexible and adaptable concept is unique in Southern California and will create both a neighborhood community suitable for young families, extended families, and substantial privacy for people who desire it.

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Status: Built
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US