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A common problem for multi-faceted creative advertising agencies is that staff and work-groups can easily become isolated into workplace islands of specialization. The problem can be acuter when the organization occupies multiple floors in a single building. In this case, the agency has grown by acquiring adjacent buildings as they became available over the last eight years. So spatial integration between existing and new buildings and through multiple floors to make the workplace feel as one and encourage collaboration is truly a three-dimensional problem. This project involves the renovation of a two-story, 12,400 SF building and addition of a three-story, 9,200 SF building that then interconnect with three-story and one-story buildings long-occupied by the agency.

To address the visual interconnection between floors, a shaft of space runs diagonally from the first level gathering space to a large light monitor at the third level, framing a view of the sky and visually uniting the three-level workspace as one. Between the new and existing buildings and within the new building itself, circulation loops functionally tie common spaces together. Axial, oblique, and diagonal sightlines, some that coincide with circulation pathways, help weave space, light, and movement together, creating constant awareness of spaces beyond the space one occupies. This simultaneity lends the project a palpable rhythm of space and activity, where larger, scheduled meetings and impromptu discussions occur at once within the workplace visual field without compromising privacy and workgroup activity.

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Status: Built
Location: Pasadena, CA, US
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: TEAM
Richard Corsini
Aaron Louis Bentley
Brenda Delgadillo
Manabu Leventhal
Ben Chen

Architect of Record: Corsini Stark Architects
Interior Designer: Corsini Stark Architects
Lighting Designer: Corsini Stark Architects
Structural Engineer: Charles Tan & Associates
Civil Engineer: Brandow & Johnston, Inc.
Electrical Engineer: NAB Consulting Engineers
Plumbing Engineer: NAB Consulting Engineers
Audio-visual and Information Technology: RS Acoustics, Inc.

LEED Certified

AIA - Los Angeles Design Awards 2017