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Cooper Carry

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Georgia BioScience Training Center

The Georgia BioScience Training Center is a signature building that declares to a global audience Georgia’s commitment to supporting research, technology transfer, and providing the trained workforce critical to bioscience and biomanufacturing operations. A unique feature of this project—operated by Georgia Quick Start, a division of the Technical College System of Georgia—is that the Center is not only used for training Baxalta employees, but also serves as a highly visible component of Georgia’s strategic plan to brand the State as a global destination for bio-related industries, and to recruit new such industries to locate and create jobs in Georgia.

This 43,000 square foot facility houses state-of-the-art laboratory spaces, classrooms, computer lab, meeting rooms, administrative spaces and all associated storage and functional spaces. The building also includes a large multi-purpose conference space, and a small general food service area.

In 2016, The American Institute of Architects, Georgia Association (AIAGA) announced the project had received a prestigious Excellence Award for outstanding and exceptional design.

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Status: Built
Location: Social Circle, GA, US
Additional Credits: Client/Owner: Technical College System of Georgia & Georgia State Financing & Investment Commission