Connie Zhong

Connie Zhong

Arcadia, CA, US


Sakura No Tamashii Exhibition

MISSION:  to invite everyone to celebrate the renewal of little tokyo with a Los Angeles - Japan fusion of the hanami festival.

WHERE?  little tokyo koyasan buddhist temple entrance alley - located next to the Japanese Village Plaza. Since my exhibition is about one of the traditional japanese festivals, I think this is a good place to place this event. As people walk down the journey of the cherry blossom path, they can also visit this unknown temple at the end of the valley.

WHY?   To renew and to rejuvenate the spirit of little tokyo. - Nowadays, less  people  are  going to Little Tokyo, and Korean town is taking over. Funded by The Japanese American National Museum, this festival helps gather everyone to tell them about the japanese culture and to celebrate the renewal of Little Tokyo.

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Status: School Project
My Role: Designer