Cody Soodeen

Cody Soodeen

Stroudsburg, PA, US



My name is Cody Soodeen. I attend the University of Hartford and study architectural engineering. I've always known I wanted to be an architect or to do something with design since I truthfully ever built my first tree house when I was 5. Ever since then I've always strongly pursued my education in the field of architecture and design. Over the past 3 year of my college career I've not only taken away the knowledge of how to design a building, but the idea of how to design anything at all. I have a passion for innovation and creativity in all spectrums of reality. My dream is to one day positively change or progress the way we all think as a society and being for us to all not just the few to be individual thinkers that are capable of handling any situation put in our path. 



Borton Lawson Engineering, Wilkes-Barre, PA, US, Architecture Intern

Performed all the task required of a typical intern. I was also asked to create a digital product manual on excel that has now been integrated into the entire office. The most important accomplishment I achieved while working at Borton-Lawson was being asked to the the preliminary designer of a three tenant building that consisted of a restaurant/pub, a cafe, and a cigar lounge. I was asked to just design a facade, but instead I treated it as a full studio design project and created a FP, Sections, Elevations, Interiors, Exteriors, Circulations, 3D renderings and finally the facade. My employer was very astonished with the outcome and how very well done and complete the project was and it was so much more than he had expected.

May 2012 - Aug 2012


University of Hartford, West Hartford, CT, US, Architectural Engineering

University of Hartford is one of the few schools that offers Architectural Engineering, instead of just Architectual design. Over the past 6 semesters I have completed my required studio design courses, taken general structures courses, wood design, construction documents, revit classes, sustainability classes, architectural history, MEP, and will be taking concrete design, and steel design in the semesters to come. Upon graduation I will be receiving and Bachelors in Science.

Aug 2010 - current


Steel Design Competition, 3rd Place

Steel Design Competition for Junior 2nd semester of studio. We were asked to design a Culinary College located in Downtown, Hartford. My design was based off of a flame with multiple building creating a fire. I created a full campus with proper circulation and student accommodations.


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