Yushu Qian

Yushu Qian

Los Angeles, CA, US

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I just graduated from USC school of Architecture with a master degree of landscape architecture. Two years ago I got my bachelor degree of arts as a student who majored in landscape design in Nanjing Forestry University. In short, I have studied landscape design for 6 years during which time I worked as an intern in an architecture office for interior design as well as teaming up with my schoolmates to work for a community center park project.

I am currently looking for a position as an entry level landscape architect or designer since I do not have enough work experience, although I have acquired most of the skills needed. I am good at using Cad related program as well as visualization tools such as rhino, grasshopper, vray,PS, AI. I am also interested in position related to typography as I am quite familiar with ID.


University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, CA, US, Masters, landscape architecture 2 year program

During the 2 years studied in the USC school of architecture MLA 2year program, I have been learning and finally am able to equip myself with abilities to engage complex issues and to undertake ambitious design explorations. I shall give the credit to the sequential studios in these two years.
In the meantime, I learned planting materials that grow well in California which includes Mediterranean and tropical plants as well as how to take care of them. I learned how to use program to stimulate the natural condition. I learned that to redress the balance of nature and future development (of built-up area) is not merely a talking but a tough job that requires patience and passionate in every project.

Aug 2015 - Jul 2017

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