cmda design bureau inc

cmda design bureau inc

Scottsdale, AZ


Private Residence

Drawing from correlations discovered by Galileo and Kepler between laws of geometry in planetary orbital paths and the scales of musical harmonies, this design fuses together astronomy, geometry, and music forming an expression representative of the personality of both the owners and the site. Using a musical harmony that resonated with the owners, the corresponding elliptical orbit of Venus was selected as a template for the overall geometry and hierarchy of the design.

Indoor and outdoor spaces come together in areas such as the living and dining area, where a window and pivoting door system reaching 14 feet high frame nearby scenic mountain vistas.  The expansive window and door system act in tandem with the large roof overhangs along the southern facing front to passively heat, ventilate, or cool the home depending on the time of the year.  A palette of materials including steel, aluminum, honed concrete, block granite, Prodema wood, and limestone was chosen to showcase the owners simple yet sophisticated lifestyles.

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Status: Built
Location: Paradise Valley, AZ, US