Clayton Korte

Clayton Korte

Austin, TX | San Antonio, TX


Rancho Carrizo

Located at the highpoint of a family ranch south of San Antonio, this home is designed to function as a stairway to the treetops. Elevating the primary living space above the dense surrounding woods will allow the family to enjoy abundant air, light, and uninterrupted views spanning 14 miles.

Native stone walls ground the home to its site, provide structure for the lighter three-story steel and wood program above, and create entry and entertaining spaces. Guests arrive to a central dog run porch flanked on both sides by a natural courtyard that offers vertical circulation to living areas above.

With two levels of living area above and a fourth floor perch that functions as an outdoor living room, each space captures a different experience of life at or above the forest canopy. Shaded by a protective brim on all sides, upper-level cantilevered decks and light-filled interiors provide opportunity for sunrise and sunset views. An opening in the roof offers direct access to the night sky and stargazing.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Floresville, TX, US
Firm Role: Architect