Clayton Korte

Clayton Korte

Austin, TX | San Antonio, TX


Northline Town Square

Central parks have long been recognized for their fundamental role in the life of a city, by providing a place of reprieve from the density and bustle of the urban fabric. People gather there for recreation and relief, socialization and play. Parks are places that accept the seemingly chaotic nature of the city’s pulse. Northline Town Square will be that for Leander, Texas. It’s at the center of the new Northline development, set to be the future downtown of Leander as it grows into a more metropolitan destination. Pavilions will flank the north and sound ends of the park, which borders the main street that sets the park’s edge, giving some privacy and protection from traffic. The pavilions will have restrooms, shade, and the ability to host a myriad of events. Designed with industrial concrete, steel and wood, it represents Leander’s history with the railroad industry and log cabin roots.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Leander, TX, US
Firm Role: Architect