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    I-M-M-E-D-I-A-C-Y (with collage)

    Christopher Perrodin
    Jan 31, '16 2:13 PM EST

    Immediacy is a concept that some stores execute very well and other stores can learn from.  It is a more specific understanding of "mixed use."  Taking the implied/suggested lifestyle activities of a brand, it concentrates relevant experiences into one spatial location.



    Starbucks has the most ubiquitous development of the term.  In the same store you can buy coffee, buy the mug to hold the coffee. and  buy the appliances needed to make your own coffee.  On top of that, please feel free to buy a CD of the music you are listening to while in the store, eat a pastry or a sandwich to go with your coffee, or -if you are in a rush - buy mint gum to freshen your breath after you are done drinking coffee. *breath*


    In essence, what Starbucks does is collapse all of your separate decisions across time into one time and one place.




    Who has learned this lesson?  Eataly.  I recently went into Eataly while my sister was in town and my mind was blown.  Combined under the same roof, there were two to three separate dining areas negotiating space with fresh produce, cookbooks, kitchen appliances and who knows what else.  Again we see an example of immediacy.


    Imagine: I am eating a meal at Eataly, I see and taste the ingredients, I buy the ingredients of the meal I just ate, I buy a cookbook to learn how to make it, and I buy cooking equipment to prepare the meal.

    While I was leaving the space, of course I saw that Eataly left no stone unturned and made sure to include a space for cooking lessons with storefront glass that faced street.  So in the previously imagined scenario I am visually connected to my whole eating/preparing/cooking process.  On top of all that Eataly also provides an opportunity for me to connect with people around a shared interest.  It wouldn't be as immediate, but the opportunity to build community is a nice touch to a very extensive infusion of goods and services.


    Every brand says something.  Part of the reason stores are great is because they tell a story through the experience of space.  Both advanced and budding retail brands should explore coupling opportunities with other program types and services.  In their exploration and experimentation, brands will enhance the narrative and help strengthen memories and loyalty.

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