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    Christopher Perrodin
    Sep 18, '13 1:41 AM EST

    After our instructors informed us of the importance found in our design research--how it would either hang from our necks like an albatross (forever) or propel us out into the world of everything ever (for a day or two)--we were asked to choose three words and provide three images for each of those words.

    Mine were:

    • Locus
    • Agency
    • Firmitas

    The images for each word:


    Smithsons' House of the Future

    Venice, Italy San Marco Piazza

    St. Louis, MO Busch brewery





    The words together spoke to my initial search for ideas.   They orbit around something in which a locus within the city may be acted upon with some form of agency.  The continuity of a building's life in the city with different actors of different times moving around and within it.  Ideas about participation, activity and stability.

    Obviously they are loaded terms and loaded images but I feel that beginnings should have strong ideas which may be refined and critiqued as I move through a project.  

    At the time my mind still felt an impression from the lack of architecture's presence or voice in the Occupy movement, the classes I had taken in the past year--Metabolic Cities, Community Development in American Cities,  American Architecture Culture since 1945--and the Alberti Program.  It also didn't hurt that my project for the New Orleans studio with Professor Derek Hoeferlin from the previous semester had a strong tilt towards public participation. 

    We also were asked to write a short paragraph, though I seemed to have conveniently not archived that particular document.  Sadly there are many more archived writings to come which are equally embarrassing.  For the sake of honest process, I will post them.

    Tomorrow will show the beginning of the refining process.

    Take care,


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