Chinh Nguyen

Chinh Nguyen

Los Angeles, CA, US


Colburn School of Performing Arts

2022-2023 | DD through CD

Reviewed, detailed, modeled, and coordinated lighting design & controls between lighting consultant, theatrical consultant, and electrical engineer.  Coordinated and reviewed MEP systems through weekly meetings and model reviews to resolve MEP routing strategies. Detailed and maintained ceiling, floor, and partition assemblies and termination details for UL rating compliance and architectural finishes.  Reviewed specifications related to scope.  Established BIM deliverables for consultants and contractor related to scope.  Responsible consultants include: Fire Sprinkler, Audio Visual, Theatrical, IT, Food Service, MEP, and Architectural Lighting Consultants.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
My Role: MEP/Architectural Lighting Coordinator, Interiors
Additional Credits: Firm: Gehry Partners, LLP
Project Lead: Craig Webb, Kristin Ragins, Jay Lane