Chakeya Ottley

Chakeya Ottley

New York, NY, US


Work Hard, Play Hard- Coworking Office

RIOT, a player-focused game development company, is responsible for the popular Multi-player Online Battle Arena Game; League of Legends. RIOT also holds large scale gaming events, and aims to provide the ultimate player experience while making gaming a truly professional sport.

The objective is to design a co-working office space reflecting RIOT’s love for gaming. Since RIOT’s dream for gaming is to be recognized as a professional sport, the design has incorporated an arena-like collaborative atmosphere in hopes of creating mind-blowing concepts, which leads into an explosion inspired concept. The entire space should feel as if you were playing a game so awesome, it is blowing apart!

“The SOURCE” is a group of battle stations hidden behind large digital screens seen within the arena. The purpose is to provide a place where RIOTERS can compete in their daily gameplay, as well as work in individual stations when focus is important.

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Status: School Project