Chakeya Ottley

Chakeya Ottley

New York, NY, US


Finding Our Way- Transit

The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey’s objectives are to enhance customer experience and security, promote economic development, and generate jobs for regional growth. These objectives influence the design’s aesthetics and spatial planning, addressing customer experience and security. The design also addresses the need for additional leasable office and entertainment space to enhance the economy by bringing in revenue and generating jobs. Port Authority Bus Terminal has a distinct façade which stands out in the Times Square area and felt it necessary to preserve the existing exterior structure. This was executed by gutting the interior and piercing the structure with three free-standing towers. These towers are to hold all retail, bus gates and commercial space. As an effort to reflect the client’s commitment to the environment, recycling demolition wastes (I.e., recycled building materials, harvested reclaimed hardwoods) were considered in the design process. 

Wayfinding is the overall goal of the project and is inspired by long exposure photography of vehicles travelling at night. Observing a still landscape with vehicles in motion through reduced shutter speed lenses, a photograph reveals a linear trail of light that represents the moving vehicles. This idea of a light trail (Orange LED) will guide customers from the entrance towards main ticketing area and departure gates. The ticketing area was relocated and is strategically placed on the second floor where both buildings connect, allowing customers’ easy access to ticket booth and departure gates. To avoid confusion, the ticketing area is the most color saturated area in the facility. A central atrium allows sunlight, ventilation and visibility to all three towers, waiting space and bus activity from above gates. Frosted LED lit panels allow additional transparency for safety and light. Materials were chosen to establish a sense of place and pride among its users.

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Status: School Project