Cassie Bray

Cassie Bray

Charleston, SC, US


C.A.R.A Boathouse

Chatham Area Rowing Association Boathouse

The site was located on a local tidal waterway near Oatland Island, GA. The objective was to conduct a thorough site analysis and acknowledge conditions and issues specific to the site. The project was individual, but a site model was made with 4 other group members - made of wax, que-tips, and task board.

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Status: School Project
Location: Oatland Island, GA
My Role: I assisted in developing the AutoCAD file for laser cutting the site model. I also helped with glueing the layers together and pouring the wax onto the site model. I made trees out of que-tips dipped in wax.
Additional Credits: Zoe Lee
Steven Aldridge
Kristin Ridge
Ali Otterbien