Caroline Reverman

Caroline Reverman

Los Angeles, CA, US


Senior Thesis - The Presidio Center

The Presidio Center is a female-only residential rehabilitation center for alcohol addiction based in the methods of equine assisted psychotherapy. It provides a sanctuary space for women to detox and recover from an addiction to alcohol, incorporating sleeping quarters, spaces for individual and group therapy, spiritual space, as well as a small-scale equine program with stables and related programmatic-spaces
for equine assisted therapy to take place. The site played a large role in the design and was considered throughout each phase in the process. The site was also a large source of inspiration for this proposal, having a rich history as calvary stables in the Presidio of San Francisco. Another large source of inspiration comes from an overwhelming lack of specialized treatment centers. The project is rooted in better understanding this type of physical space that can hold so much power and positive change for people who are suffering, and my goal is to design a new type of rehabilitation that allows people to achieve this drastic lifestyle change and new self-understanding. 

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Status: School Project
Location: San Francisco, CA, US