Caroline Reverman

Caroline Reverman

Los Angeles, CA, US


Interaction and Culture

A Korean Tourism Center for Seoul, South Korea

A culture is defined by a particular rationality (information) and a sensibility (celebration of culture). The confrontation and interaction of these two parts is the goal and concept of this project. The tourist information center provides users with relevant information and cultural celebration. It’s a space where people can learn, experience, gather, rest, eat, and shop. Flexible exhibition spaces, a Korean wave hall, and an information area support these activities. The process of taking in Korean culture and information dictates the spatial layout. Inspired by traditional Korean form and materiality, the space pulls from natural materials and grounded, massive, built-in furniture. This is balanced with pops of bright color in the smaller details, referencing traditional Korean temple color schemes. A unifying geometric ceiling element combined with dark wood materials creates a modernized version of Korean cultural aestheic and history. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Seoul, KR