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Callison partnered with premier outdoor retailer REI to create a store experience that makes it easier for New Yorkers to embrace the outdoors. A dedicated process and hand-selected team led to an inspiring retail environment that blended preservation and community into SoHo’s urban fabric.  Recreational Equipment, Inc. is the nation’s largest consumer cooperative with 4.4 million members, selling the top brands of outdoor gear and apparel. REI SoHo is the retailer’s first store in Manhattan and its presence serves as a launch platform for REI’s brand and products onto the international stage.

With the challenge of renovating a beloved historic building paired with the pressure of entering the Manhattan retail landscape for the first time, the REI team needed a partner that placed the strong Northwest brand first and had working knowledge of placing new brands into the competitive New York retail environment.  Callison kicked off the design process with a dedicated charrette that matched REI’s stakeholders with its core project team: experts in historic renovation, graphic design, and construction management.  The forum also established the guiding principals that would inform the application of REI’s brand into an authentic retail experience.


For more information, please visit the REI Puck Building Project Page.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
Firm Role: Architecture, Store Planning, Retail Design