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  • PUBLIC|PRIVATE : UB Inclusive Design Research Group

    Megan Basnak
    Feb 21, '12 8:00 PM EST

    Contributed By: Courtney Creenan, M.Arch + M.UP Student


    Getting inside Buffalo, New York’s grain elevators has been on many a University at Buffalo architecture student’s to-do list.  This past fall, students in the Inclusive Design Research Group were able to not only tour the facilities, but work inside the Marine A Grain Elevator, which is now a part of the newly incorporated Silo City complex. 

    The studio focused on a topic often overlooked in the architecture field: the public bathroom.  Students had to design innovative, responsible, inclusive, and clever responses to potential event spaces proposed along with their public bathroom design.  Some projects challenged current bathroom practices and stigmas.  Others integrated the event space programming into the bathroom to create more atmospheric experiences than normally found in a typical bathroom through the use of repurposed materials, lighting affects, and acoustics. 

    Although many projects were very detailed in their proposal drawings, one pair of students, Patrick Connolly and Todd Graci, actually constructed their bathroom on site and it is now a working composting toilet for future events.  The two bought a shipping container and retrofitted it with three bathrooms.  This is the first design installation in the Silo City complex. Below are images from the students’ final presentations at the end of the Fall 2011 semester.
















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  • Canvassing the Campus with Architect Barbie

    Megan Basnak
    Feb 13, '12 9:23 PM EST

    The idea for Architect Barbie emerged out of a 2007 exhibition at the University of Michigan’s Architecture School, curated by Professor Despina Stratigakos, for which students and faculty designed prototypes for the doll as a way to explore and playfully critique stereotypes of... View full entry

  • Thermal Interrelation: An Architectural Thesis

    Megan Basnak
    Feb 10, '12 4:30 PM EST

    Contributed by: Robert Garlow, M.Arch Student [ How can a better understanding of a material’s reaction to thermal energy allow us to design an architecture that participates and mediates amidst the presence of bodies and/or environmental stimuli? ] Historically, our attempts to suppress a... View full entry

    Partition Transformation

  • Contain [ar] chitecture

    Megan Basnak
    Feb 7, '12 4:16 PM EST

    Contributed by: Robert Garlow, M.Arch Student Studio Abstract: Vertical Constructions is a graduate studio in the Material Culture Graduate Research Group that explores the design and construction of vertical structures. It concentrates on 3 primary objectives: 1) on the differences between... View full entry

  • Curated Excess - ARC 501

    Megan Basnak
    Jan 15, '12 4:27 PM EST

    Contributed By: Gabrielle Printz   This studio, led by Joyce Hwang, asked first year graduate students to consider the collection conceptually, spatially, and in relation to a culture of excess. Walter Benjamin describes the process of assembling the material collection in his... View full entry

  • Material : Culture :: Culture : Material

    Megan Basnak
    Jan 3, '12 9:36 AM EST

    Contributed By: Scott Archambault The Material Culture research group explores the relationship of people, materials, and ideas and their manifestation into the artifact of the built environment.  The idea of Material Culture is that every material has a culture that inevitably... View full entry

  • A Celebration...of Furniture: Joinery in the Construction of Furniture Class

    Megan Basnak
    Jan 1, '12 6:48 PM EST

    This past fall semester, 13 students embarked on an explorative journey in the world of furniture design and construction with Materials and Methods Shop Director Dick Yencer and his assistant Wade Georgi.  Throughout the semester, students were instructed on how to properly use various... View full entry

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