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Brooks + Scarpa

Hawthorne, CA | Fort Lauderdale


The Nest House - A Florida Prototype Single Family Home

This beautiful panhandle site is 110,000 acres of land, of which 33,000 acres are available for development. Of the approximately 180,000 planned residential units, approximately 50% will be single family homes (±90,000). In order to meet that density on the available land, we have devised site strategies that allow for higher density and the creation of walkable neighborhoods. Our strategy includes a block that is 240’x172’ or 38,400 SF (.88 acre), which includes parcel sizes of 40’x80’ and 80’x80’, with dwelling units and pocket parks designed to yield 6 to 12 du per block. This allows a more compact livable development, minimizes sprawl, creates effi cient infrastructure, and has a density of 7 to 14 units per acre. To achieve this balance, we have proposed a detached home, a semi-attached scheme and a fully attached scheme with pocket parks, pedestrian only streets and tree-lined boulevards.

We are proposing creating spaces for people that are private, semi-private and public,that celebrate and bring nature indoors. A neighborhood where walking, biking and bird watching are omni-present and opportunities to socialize are created.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Watercolor, FL, US