Brooks + Scarpa

Brooks + Scarpa

Hawthorne, CA | Fort Lauderdale



Camarillo is a 60-unit rental apartment building including 90 parking spaces one level below and at grade. It also include 4000 square feet of commercial space.

Offering shelter and comfort, the Camarillo Apartments break the prescriptive mold of the traditional shelter by creating public and private “zones” in which private space is deemphasized, in favor of large public areas. The organization of the space is intended to transform the way people live-away from a reclusive, isolating layout towards a community-oriented, interactive space.

The ground level contains offices, bike storage and parking while the second level has a large public courtyard. The space features a long span of the building at the 5th floor along the south facade. As sduch, dappled light fills the courtyard while affording a sense of privacy while maintaining maximum openness. Surrounded by four levels of housing units with balconies the courtyard has large openings with green terraces that visually connects the space to the street on the lower level beyond. This allows the tenants to enjoy a secured open space while still connecting to the larger community.

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Status: Under Construction
Firm Role: Architect