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Bricault Design

Vancouver, BC, CA


Thomas Haas Patisserie (Vancouver)

The Thomas Haas Patisserie in Vancouver is the second retail location for Haas’s handmade chocolates and confections. Bricault Design was commissioned to design the original Haas factory / retail / cafe location in North Vancouver, as well as the moulds for the chocolate bars and award-winning packaging that occupy the space itself.

The second location builds upon earlier themes used in the original location, such as a signature graphic element which was derived from the molecular structure of theobromine - an essential component of the cacao bean. At the new location, the molecular motif inspires an extruded walnut ceiling system that descends into a display wall of Haas’ packaged products. The display wall seamlessly envelopes a refrigerated display case and washroom, while the cellular ceiling system is strategically integrated with lighting, sound, HVAC, and sprinkler systems. The ceiling is composed of walnut ‘extrusions,’ which are backed by mirror. The downward extrusion contributes to an intimately-scaled space, while the mirror backing creates a sense of depth - a strategy employed to ameliorate the existing low ceiling on site. Materials such as terrazzo, walnut, and marble reference historical precedents, while the configuration of materials and fabrication techniques create an innovative take on the traditional patisserie.

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Status: Built
Location: Vancouver, BC, CA
My Role: Interior Design / Graphics & Packaging
Additional Credits: Photography by Farah Nosh.