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Bricault Design

Vancouver, BC, CA


Thierry Patisserie

Michelin-rated Thierry Busset partnered with Bricault Design to create a contemporary version of a patisserie / cafe from his native France.  Situated in downtown Vancouver along a bourgeoning stretch of high-end boutiques, the renovation would require transforming a banal street-level office tower storefront into an inviting and playfully elegant space.

Seen from the street, a teak-lined patio deck with warm burgundy canopy becomes the theater for street side cafe life.  Perforated with a grid of miniature portholes, an oversized palmwood door provides a grand entrance to an intimately scaled cafe space, which is enveloped in contoured palmwood tambour walls and natural stone floors.  The subtle print of a lacy doily on the ceiling is a nod to the intricate, handmade processes at work on site. Custom glass and marble display cases draw the eye to a dazzling array of macarons, chocolates, pastries, and cakes, while a custom refrigeration display is integrated into a ribbon of curved retail walls.

Serving as a backdrop for the pastry counter, a large picture window to the chocolate kitchen features the behind-the-scenes work of Thierry and his animated staff, while another picture window beyond reveals a pastry kitchen and the multiple layers of production required to supply the cafe and retail packaging; everything happens on site.

A central component to the look and feel of the cafe includes the integrated graphic and packaging design.  Black cherry and silver serve as the primary colors for a majority of the packaging, while the colors, shape, and graphic treatment of macaron boxes were inspired by the variegated patterns of the celebrated French confectioneries inside.  Designed in tandem - interior, packaging, and graphic design are fully integrated to showcase Thierry’s exquisite creations.

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Status: Built
Location: Vancouver, BC, CA
My Role: Interior Design / Graphics & Packaging
Additional Credits: Photography by David Gregory.