Brian-Gerard Bessenaire

Brian-Gerard Bessenaire

Beijing, CN


Two Rooms

This proposal explores shared humanity and confronts our innate potential for inhumanity, engaging this duality through object and image.

The two principle structures emerge from the same formal and material language; each providing comfortable interior space for gathering and reflection. Images of Memorial visitors are collected digitally and are projected sequentially via giant LED screens – a visual index of common humanity borrowing from the place language of the Boardwalk. The confrontational address between the two structures creates a denial of the “Other”, describing the inhumanity of identity politics that have underpinned the Holocaust and other Genocides.

Whereas internally, each is inclusive and collective, the interstitial space of their confrontation denies human comfort and connection. Visitors are sheared from one another and are bombarded with the same flashing, digital imagery projecting into the interior, “human” spaces. But in the interstitial, “inhuman” space, these images lose gestalt, becoming an oppressive, pixilated noise.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Atlantic City, NJ, US