Bryan Pendzinski

Bryan Pendzinski

Denver, CO, US


Concept : Charette

1965–70;  < French:  cart, Old French,  equivalent to char  chariot, wagon + -ette -ette,  from the idea of speed of wheels

The concept charette was an individual exploration of digital modeling techniques using Rhino. The charette defines each project as having a completion deadline of 24 hrs, from concept to design in 1 day. The focus of the exercise was link physical design [sketching_model building] with digital production, in an attempt to explore  ideas of space, light and form, detached from a formal design approach. The projects were free in the sense they did not have a specific scale, program or site.              The product is an expression of its process of design and construction of the product, where the digital and physical tools become one in itself.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Chicago, IL, US
My Role: Designer