Prague, CZ


The House for Markétka

Fear of beauty

Sometimes just watch and silently stare around. Take a rest without feeling the pressure that

something needs a comment or evaluation. You can not always say this is similar to this or that.

Everything might not resemble something. Not everything has to resemble something. It is sometimes

good to shut up and just to look around. Stop for a moment and think, perceive, feel, touch, listen.

Sometimes it ́s not necessary to say something and just for a moment become part of things around.

Maybe then those things will start to make sense.

Beauty may not be named, is not rational enough to perceive. I don ́t have to explain why I like

something. It may be just a feeling. The night sky is beautiful even though I can ́t understand what is

going on up there. The sea smells-stinks so nicely... To say that something is beautiful, although I do

not know why is fine. The fact that we like something unknown may actually mean that it is actually

very well-known.

The house for Marketka is a few months old and it evokes feelings. Visitors of the generous interior

space feel difficult to understand it. They don ́t understand nine meters high living room always saying

why didn't you rather add more rooms and why there are so many stairs in the house. It's hard to

explain because the feeling is not transferable. It's just because of beauty.

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Status: Built
Location: Czech Republic
Firm Role: photography
Additional Credits: The Mjölk architekti