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    By lizziey
    Nov 4, '13 12:26 PM EST

    Luigi Serafini really took on the idea that architects can be whatever they want with his 1981 completion of the Codex Seraphinianus; a two volume, 254 page tome describing an alternate reality through an invented alphabet and surreal illustrations. The book is divided into eleven sections forming an encyclopedia of Serafini's imagined world; flora, fauna, bipeds, chemistry/physics, machines,biology, history, writing systems, culture, games/sports, and architecture.


    An original edition will run you over $500 on Amazon, but right now you can get a new edition for just $150.. but you can also find PDFs online if you don't mind getting your Codex fix digitally.


    See more of this post and content from other MIT Architecture students over at Arch Kiosk


    • nudiustertian

      serafini has a mixed reputation after the crypto-mystery crowd learned of his book,  and found out that the "language" it contains is just there to make the reader feel as if there was knowledge just out of reach sitting on the page right in front of them written by a man who is still alive.  art historians, etc believed it was a work by an collective that honed their craft over years when it was just one man, whose second book is this. 

      then he went to comic-con and made a fool of himself

      Nov 4, 13 7:00 pm  · 

      Thanks for the context nudiustertian! 

      Nov 5, 13 11:11 am  · 

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