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Oct '13 - Mar '14

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    GETTING OUTSIDE: Boston's Museum of Fine Arts

    By lizziey
    Feb 16, '14 8:17 AM EST

    As we circulate between buildings 7, 9, and 10, with the occasional trip to the grocery store or the GSD, its easy to forget that we live in a globally significant city. So, as an attempt to expand my bubble before the semester hits me hard, I trekked across the river this weekend to see what was new at the MFA (that is, the Museum of Fine Arts, in case you've really been hiding under your desk).

    The MFA is really a world-class museum, with one of the largest collections in the world, at 450,000 pieces. And if you want a dose of architecture, Foster + Partner's new Art of the America's wing is fantastic- I recommend creeping around the hallways on the northeastern edge- these semi-hidden spaces have great views of Boston, and are a great respite from the Saturday crowds. We checked out a few of the temporary exhibitions that are always rotating through- enjoy some of my old and new favorites below!

    (If you're a local student, your MIT or GSD ID gets you in to the MFA and its sister museum, the Isabella Stewart-Gardner Museum, free!)


    See more pictures from the MFA, and posts from other MIT Architecture students, over at Arch_Kiosk


    • toasteroven

      when the weather gets nicer, you should really check out the entirety of the Emerald Necklace - although the arboretum has some great sledding (and is really pretty) right now.


      Other great off-the-beaten-path neighborhoods to explore:


      JP (Check out 17 Cranston Street and Robinwood Ave)

      Roslindale (the residential streets radiating out from the square have some interesting victorian houses - the neighborhood behind peter's hill you'll get some interesting vantage points looking south - plus there's that little tucked away brick "street" in the central business district)

      Lower Mills

      Savin Hill

      the new BPS admin building in Dudley Square

      Harbor Islands.

      Chestnut Hill/Jamaica Hills (starts at the edge of West Roxbury and JP, and extends through Brookline and Newton) - check out Allandale farm, and all the mansions...

      Feb 16, 14 12:27 pm  · 

      Thanks toasteroven, these are all great suggestions! I'll have to add them to my post-thaw to-do list; I've spent embarrassingly little time in the Emerald Necklace in my years in Boston.


      Feb 16, 14 2:05 pm  · 

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