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    Radical Representation (All Tomorrow's Parties) Spring 2013

    Jeff Maeshiro
    Aug 14, '13 2:33 PM EST

    Architecture is consumed through it’s representation. Some say it’s representation is the only true architecture. Radical Representation was an advanced course, taught by Greg Hurcomb with software tutorials by Flori Kryethi, that explored innovative methods of architectural expression through a wide range of digital tools. Focusing on the design triumvirate of Fiction~Cinema~Architecture we were encouraged to develop our ideas through writing to delineate a cohesive path of inquiry.

    My project’s avenues of exploration were digital glitches, noise, and the entire background universe of signals that fill the voids of our daily lives. This unnoticed noise can be made corporeal to expose its unobtrusive and latent geographies. Starting from a short video of saran wrap moving in the wind the translucent and refractive material became a filter to contrast against the prosaic backdrop teeming with divisions, corruptions, and masked emotions. The following three images and two videos below are a sample of the output from the semester.

    Shawn Komolos' work for the semester dealt with slumber and augmented dream-states. Utilizing an Xbox Kinect he collected data from his own sleep and extrapolated them into fantastic images of the potentials for disturbing and exciting the dimensions of our nightly hibernations.

    Jeff Maeshiro Midterm Presentation
    Jeff Maeshiro Final Presentation

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