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    Creative Architecture Machines Final Review 2014

    Jeff Maeshiro
    Dec 2, '14 10:15 PM EST

    The final review / discussion of the Creative Architecture Machines studio at CCA, run by Jason Kelly Johnson and Michael Shiloh, will be this Saturday, Dec 6 from 10:30-3:30. The review will be run as a hybrid science fair / architecture review. There are six unique research clusters, each focused on designing and prototyping novel fabrication machines, then using them to produce something extraordinary. The six clusters are:

    • 3d Printing Swarm (mobile robots create domes out of salt, rice and saw dust)
    • Deltabot SkyPrint (regenerative robots crate animal habitats from mining industry detritus)
    • Omni Spiderbots (bio-remediation robots scan, drill and implant bio-matter)
    • Spaceweaver (robotic loom weaves fibrous vertical forms, columns and towers)
    • Robotic Casting Jig (re-programmable re-usable smart jig for casting)

    ​I was fortunate to sit in on the mid-review a month ago and the projects were awe-inspiring, and in my opinion much more interesting and sophisticated than what we were able to produce last year, so I'm really looking forward to this review!

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