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Oct '12 - May '13

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    The Metabolist Routine

    Christopher Sjoberg
    May 30, '13 12:47 PM EST

    こんばんは Archinect,

    I'm up late working on a studio final, but thought I'd share a great article written by a former classmate of mine, Ana Luisa Soares and her partner Filipe Magalhães, about living in Kisho Kurokawa's Nakagin Capsule Tower.




    • sherlin

      Dear Christopher,

      Hello and good day :)

      I applied for this year's Global 30 programme and went through the interview . It will be a dream come true if i got the chance to further my study in Japan. However I had queries on the course proforma for its 2 years master course :

      1. I find that the Master programme offered by Global 30 is quite different from the "normal" kind of architecture master programme .Can you explain to me how does the programme run in 2 years? What do u guys do and what subjects u guys take in each semester?


      2. According to the proforma, there will be 2 subjects that are compulsory in every semester, which are :

      -Research in Architecture 

      - Architecture Design (which has individual research in sem 4)

      May I know what are the difference between these 2 course?


      3. I know that all master students under Global 30 are under Obuchi Lab, which focus on computation design, where materials are researched  and finally being tested by building a pavilion.( I saw the dissertation done in a group of 2)  Is this research going to take up 2 years or it is only in one of the semester?


      4. Do u guys get to research on the topic of your interest for thesis. For example, I am interested in researching on Multi generation housing in sub urban area, do i get to conduct the research under a lecturer?

      Sorry for asking so many questions. Hope you don't mind giving me some insight on it !

      Thank you. :)



      Sher Lin

      Jan 19, 17 6:48 am  · 

       ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ 

      You know you're responding to a post from 2013?...While your other and identical comment was on a blog post from 2010, just saying.

      Jan 20, 17 12:46 pm  · 

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