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Oct '12 - May '13

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    Holy Toledo! Long time no post.

    Christopher Sjoberg
    May 20, '13 9:45 AM EST

    I should apologize. I know there are those of you out there who enjoy these blogs and perhaps some, like me, who will depend on them for making decisions regarding your future education plans. So, I’m sorry. This is why I know I’m going to be an architect and not a journalist, but I will try harder to make these posts a bit more regular.

    Rather than one up The Odyssey by describing my past six months here in Tokyo, I figured I would just included some captioned photos of some of the results of our efforts in the G30 and then begin more timely reporting (I pray to GOD) from here on out. Enjoy!



    Simulation of inflatable units via Rhino and Grasshopper with Kangaroo Plugin 

    Advancing our assembly strategy, seeking to find a method offering a strong connection with no breaking of exterior membrane. 


    The size of connection plates controls the amount of plastic locally gathered around it. Larger disk = more gathering, thus when the system is inflated, bending can be induced by controlling the ratio of plate sizes on the top and bottom sides of the system.


    From here our project advanced by looking at how to increase the robustness of an inflatable system so that it no longer requires continual air flow. An air-to-styrene particles substitution process was employed. 


    Heat shrinking smoothed the surface while rigidifying the system and enhancing its structural capacity.

    The surface quality once completed. What began as a wrinkly ugly duckling transformed into a beautiful swan... well at least a less ugly duckling. The smooth, white, blobby nature of the surface was quite appealing in a weird, put the s'more back in the fire kind of way. 

    Completed form representing somewhere between our digital model and a completely unrecognizable shape. 

    Joint review between University of Tokyo G30, Princeton University, and the Nagoya Institute of Technology.

    Baby approved.

    Second years deep in contemplation.

    Our actual project proposal for the styrene pellet systemAssembly Pattern


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