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Feb '13 - Jul '13

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    1:1 Scale Model - Team A

    Jason Nam
    Apr 23, '13 11:07 PM EST

    Team A (aka "Cold Pop") decided to make a partial 1:1 scale model to study the joint system and get an overall feel of what this pavilion will look like.

    Martin, the wood pro, made a 1:1 scale of the triangle module with pinewood -- the actual material we will be using for the pavilion. 

    We knew we wanted the triangle modular system, but how were we to put it all together? The first solution was by "stitching" the panels together, but we realized how unstable it was (and also very ugly). We decided to go with what's best been done with any type of joint system: screws and bolts.

    Groupie pic. Yay.

    The "petals" will be added within the triangles to allow certain parts to be more protected from the environment (sunlight, rain, wind, etc.)

    So what did we find out? 1. We really need Grasshopper to speed this whole process of calculations 2. Stitching looks bad  3. Petals look neat 4. We are far from being done

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