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Feb '13 - Jul '13

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    MÖBIUS Opening Day - Journal

    Jason Nam
    Jul 4, '13 7:02 AM EST

    June 21, the Möbius pavilion was finally opening to the public. I got off the tram at Karlovo Náměstí and found this very elegant sign directing me to the pavilion. 

    And there it was - Möbius. My heart started beating faster with excitement as I approached the pavilion. 

    I have to admit, the pavilion felt a lot smaller than it looked on the computer screen. Nonetheless, it was still a beautiful piece of work. Yuliya (the original designer of the pavilion) and I were super proud to see it in front of our eyes.

    Yay ARCHIP.

    There was a quick discussion about the pavilion (mostly in Slovakian so I don't know what they exactly said), and Yuliya was called up to share about her inspiration for the design. Awkward? Yes. Proud? Yes.

    The event wrapped up with a special light show on the pavilion. Though skeptical at first, the show turned out to be an awesome performance. It was a good time to reflect about the past few months of seeing Möbius come to life. 

    - Jason

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